By Bruce Carlson

Okay, we’re retired. What is that exactly? I have always worked a job. As the boys grow up Karen had time and she also worked. Work was obviously our main source of income. It helped to pay the bills. We haven’t won the lottery, so income is a good thing.

We did save for retirement. We probably could have done better. Unisys stopped paying into the pension fund so my pension isn’t quite what we had hoped for, but we’re doing OK. It would be a bit more comfortable to have more income coming in.

Yet, that’s not the biggest issue. We’re so used to working, we’re thinking about finding something to do to bring in a bit more income, but also something to keep us busy. We have a couple of ideas we’re working on. We did some research into jobs for seniors and the results are below.

What would be you area that you would like to work into?

Senior entrepreneurship

Welcome to an exciting journey of senior entrepreneurship! As a fellow reader, I invite you to explore the world of home-based businesses specifically tailored for seniors. This article will uncover the top 10 unique and empowering opportunities that await you. Whether you’re seeking financial independence, a flexible schedule, or a chance to share your expertise, this content is designed to inspire and guide you on your entrepreneurial path. Let’s dive in and discover how you can turn your skills, passions, and experiences into successful senior home-based businesses that bring fulfillment and joy to your life. Get ready to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and embark on a new chapter filled with endless possibilities!

Freelancing and Consulting:

Unleash your expertise and skills by venturing into freelancing or consulting. Embrace the freedom of working on projects that truly excite you while offering valuable services to clients in need. Whether you’re a wordsmith, a strategic thinker, or a design aficionado, there’s a demand for your talents in the virtual marketplace. I don’t see this as an area I would jump into.

Online Selling:

Unleash your entrepreneurial flair by starting an online store. Curate a collection of unique products, whether they’re handmade crafts, vintage treasures, or niche items. Join the vibrant e-commerce community and connect with customers worldwide, all from the comfort of your own home.

This is something I’ve thought about. I like making things with wood, but it can take a lot of time to make something. I’m just not sure I could make enough items to justify the time and effort. It’s something I could do for fun.

Virtual Assistance:

Seize the opportunity to provide remote administrative support, scheduling, or customer service as a virtual assistant. Embrace the digital age and help businesses or individuals succeed by lending them your organizational prowess, all while maintaining a flexible work-life balance. I’ll pass on this idea.

Home Care Services:

Extend your compassion and care to fellow seniors by offering in-home care, companionship, or assistance. Become a pillar of support in your community and provide valuable services that improve the lives of those in need, all within the familiar and comforting environment of their own homes. I don’t think I have the patience to do this type of work.

Coaching and Mentoring:

Harness your life experiences and wisdom to become a coach or mentor. Guide individuals in their personal or professional journeys, helping them unlock their true potential and navigate life’s challenges. Share your unique insights and make a lasting impact on others’ lives. Okay, definitely a no.

This is a pet peeve. Over the years we have worked with many coaches. In my mind, most are people that have had a one-time success or think they know what to do.  If they can’t show me their successes and how they have got there you can’t be a coach.

Home-Based Pet Services:

Combine your love for animals with your entrepreneurial spirit by providing home-based pet services. Delight pet owners with services like pet sitting, dog walking, grooming, or training, and become a trusted companion to furry friends in your community. I like dogs and we had dogs while we had the boys at home. However, we do want to travel more, so caring for animals doesn’t fit that plan.

Tutoring and Teaching:

Ignite the spark of knowledge by offering tutoring or teaching services. Share your expertise in subjects that ignite your passion and help students of all ages excel academically or learn new skills. Be a guiding light in someone’s educational journey and witness their growth firsthand. No probably not.

Home-Based Catering or Baking:

Let your culinary talents shine by starting a home-based catering or baking business. Create mouthwatering delicacies, from delectable dishes to irresistible desserts, and bring joy to gatherings and special occasions. Your delicious creations will leave a lasting impression on clients and make every celebration a memorable one.

Karen’s the cook. I’m a quality control person. Whatever I can grab while running through the kitchen works for me. Of course, I have to do this multiple times.

Home-Based Wellness and Fitness:

Transform your passion for wellness into a home-based business. Inspire others to lead healthier lives by offering yoga instruction, personal training, or nutrition counseling services. Help individuals achieve their wellness goals and experience the positive impact of a balanced lifestyle.

Home-Based Crafts and Artistry:

Unleash your creativity and craftsmanship by turning your hobbies into a thriving home-based crafts and artistry business. Express yourself through handmade products- intricate artwork, unique jewelry, or personalized creations. Let your creations captivate hearts and find joy in sharing your art with the world.

Our idea for retirement

One idea we’re looking very hard at is a business concept that uses debit cards. The rewards are excellent and the use of debit cards has many benefits. Check out what we’re exploring by going to debit card.

Choose wisely

These are some of the ideas we found. As you can see not everything is of interest. Everyone has their own passions, but this list can start you on your retirement journey.

Embrace the boundless opportunities that await you in the realm of senior home-based businesses. Whether you choose to monetize your expertise, pursue your passions, or make a difference in your community, this article will serve as your trusted companion along the way. Get ready to embark on a fulfilling and prosperous entrepreneurial journey as a senior. Remember, age is just a number when it comes to following your dreams and embracing the power of entrepreneurship!

We hope you are enjoying these articles and are willing to continue to follow along as we move through the process of selling our house, buying a new house (to become our home), and the adventures of learning about life in southern Illinois, Bruce & Karen.