By Bruce Carlson

Welcome, reader! If you’re gearing up for a move and feeling the weight of the impending transition, fret not! Karen and I have recently gone through the process and we’re here to share some tips and tricks to help you do the same thing. The following ten tips will be a helpful guide to making your move and downsizing a success. Know that it can be a little crazy. When those times come, and they will, sit down, take a deep breath, and know you are in control. It may feel like a train wreck, but you’ll get through it.

I’m here to be your guiding light, your partner in this exhilarating journey toward a fresh chapter in your life. In this comprehensive article, I will share with you the ultimate guide to a stress-free move, packed with ten bold and creative tips that will empower you to downsize and move with ease. Prepare to embrace this adventure with excitement as we delve into the heart of downsizing and moving, together!

Your 10 tips

Tip 1: Time is Your Best Ally

Let’s kickstart our moving journey with a powerful weapon: time! That’s a big 10-4. Starting early is the ultimate key to a seamless move. Picture this: no frantic last-minute packing, no stress-induced sleepless nights. Instead, I’ll show you how to create a personalized timeline that breaks down tasks into manageable steps. Trust me, with this in your corner, you’ll tackle each hurdle like a pro, staying ahead of the game and arriving at your new abode feeling cool, calm, and collected. The farther ahead of your moving and/or downsizing the better. You’ll need time to look at all your stuff and what you want to move.

Tip 2: Embrace the Joy of Decluttering

Say goodbye to clutter, and let the art of decluttering be your secret to a liberated soul! We’ll embark on a decluttering journey that goes beyond mere tidying up. Together, we’ll assess your possessions and discern what truly sparks joy. Unburden yourself from the unnecessary baggage of the past, and watch as your new life unfolds with renewed clarity and purpose. Our daughter-in-law had a great idea. You pick up or look at an item and ask yourself, “Does this item bring me joy.” Joy is a keeper not then it goes.

Tip 3: A Perfect Fit for Your New Space

Moving into a new home is like a fresh canvas, awaiting your artistic touch. Let’s measure and plan for the new space, ensuring a perfect fit for all your cherished belongings. Things you’ll want to do is measure and know the dimensions of where you will be moving to. Next, how do you want the flow through your new area to go? What new nooks and crannies will you have to store things, and what will fit in them? Downsizing will help these thoughts. If you don’t have it, you can’t move it.

Tip 4: The Budget Masterplan

Tackling the financial aspect of moving can feel daunting, but fear not! I’ve got your back with a budget master plan that covers every cent. From calculating moving expenses to account for unforeseen costs, we’ll work together to craft a rock-solid budget that gives you peace of mind. We found a spreadsheet breaking down everything in a room that helps process your stuff and where it so.

Tip 5: The Movers of Dreams

To entrust your prized possessions to strangers requires unwavering trust. Together, we’ll discover the movers of dreams – reliable, efficient, and professional. No more headaches or sleepless nights wondering about the safety of your belongings. With my exclusive tips, you’ll have your very own moving dream team by your side. We highly recommend  Prager Moving out of Naperville. If you are not near Naperville try Atlas Moving. We had an excellent group of guys move us.

Tip 6: Packing Like a Pro

Bid farewell to the chaos of haphazard packing! I’ll equip you with the tools to pack like a seasoned pro. We’ll sail through the sea of boxes, armed with high-quality packing materials and a systematic labeling strategy. Unpacking at your new haven will be a breeze, and you’ll revel in the joy of your organized oasis. It’s amazing how many boxes you’ll need to move. We did find the U-Haul outlets had old boxes you could grab as needed. The only question was what was available.

Tip 7: The Journey of Address Change

The path to a new address is paved with tiny but essential details. Navigating the intricacies of address change can be bewildering, but fret not! I’ll walk you through the process, ensuring your post arrives on time and your utilities stay connected without a hitch. A seamless transition to your new abode is on the horizon! When I talked with the post office they said the post office would forward mail for up to six months. Also, leave your new address for the new homeowner to forward things that may come to your old house.

Tip 8: Securing Your Future

Beyond the excitement of moving lies the groundwork for your future. Together, we’ll tend to legal and medical matters, updating records and ensuring a smooth transition. Like a gardener sowing seeds for a blossoming future, you’ll nurture your new beginnings with confidence and foresight. Some of our other blog entries touch on these points.

Tip 9: Moving Day Magic

Ah, moving day – a mix of excitement and jitters! But fear not, dear reader, for we shall plan meticulously and conquer any moving day challenges. With my magic of preparation, you’ll glide through the day with a smile, leaving behind only traces of happiness and anticipation for the adventures ahead. We found that we could save a lot of money by wrapping things and putting stuff into boxes ourselves. A little work on your part will save you a lot of money.

Tip 10: Embracing Change and New Beginnings

As we approach the grand finale of this moving journey, take a deep breath, and savor the transformation. Embrace change and the beauty of new beginnings. With hearts full of excitement and minds brimming with possibility, we’ll step into your new world, where endless opportunities await. We found that the process of selling and moving to a new home became very impersonal. It made leaving our old house easier. On the flip side, it took a couple of months before our new house became our home.



Congratulations, dear reader, on completing this exhilarating journey of downsizing and moving! With ten bold and creative tips in your arsenal, you are now fully equipped to embark on this adventure with confidence and enthusiasm. Remember, this is more than just a move; it’s an opportunity to declutter your life, reimagine your space, and embrace the beauty of change. May your new home be a canvas for cherished memories and dreams to come true. Happy moving!

We hope you are enjoying these articles and are willing to continue to follow along as we move through the process of selling our house, buying a new house (to become our home), and the adventures of learning about life in southern Illinois, Bruce & Karen