Bruce & Karen Carlson are people with a heart for mission. Their mission experience is going out and serving people locally, domestically, and internationally who have needs without a means to help themselves. These missions have served victims of the Katrina hurricane, and multiple other states where natural disasters have devastated homes and lives. Internationally Karen & Bruce have traveled to Bolivia, Ecuador, Kenya, and the Philippines. These mission trips offer medical assistance including surgeries and education, as well as construction work and outreach in the form of portable water to improve health and wellness.

Karen has been in the health industry for the past 26 years in multiple capacities. Most recently Karen has been a massage therapist for 20+ years. The combination of serving others through wellness strategies and changing and shifting personal wellness has been a catalyst to helping beyond the massage table.

Service begins at home, as they say. We have recently moved to southern Illinois. A little town of New Athens. It is our wish to share our retirement story with you. From the beginning when the idea of retiring and moving began to take shape, through selling and buying a new home, and finally settling into our new life. As we explore the area we will share our adventures as we move out into the surrounding area, better known as the Metro East. 

Our wish is always for you to Be Well.